Just imagine if you could write a dynamic, compelling book in a fraction of the time it takes most ordinary authors?

And imagine if you could become a published author of a book that could inspire even just a handful of people to successfully overcome the same challenges you did? Or, a book that could offer entertaining insight into a world others might never experience?

I want to help you get your story written and published. I believe in the message you’re passionate about, and I want to see you experience your dream of becoming a published author and helping others!

Here's just a sampling of the incredibly powerful techniques for completing your memoir ... and sharing the message of your life-lessons with the world ... that Memoir to Legacy can help you master—

  — What you need—and don’t need—to know to get started.

  — A sure-fire technique for determining your personality in writing, your “author’s voice.”

  — The number one way to learn to write sparkling dialogue that moves your story forward.

  — How to craft powerful, emotional scenes.

  — The magic of writing that first draft—fast!

  — What to leave in, and what you can leave out.

  — The number one editing secret to power up your writing style.

  — The best thing to do when you’re feeling the discouragement of “writer’s block.

And so much more....

Your most important takeaways will be:


You’ll develop a mindset practice that serves you in other areas of your life besides writing. You’ll leave behind belief systems that don’t serve you, fears and excuses, and discover new confidence and satisfactions.


You will take your memoir idea to the highest level, whether you’re new to creative writing or you’ve already finished a few chapters. Either way, the truth is, you’re motivated to write and publish your memoir. You’ll learn story organizational skills and writing techniques that will serve you well in your business life as well.


You have had the experience you want to write about for a reason. That may sound harsh if you’ve experienced a personal tragedy, but it’s your God-given drive to bring purpose from your experience that can make a difference for yourself and others. You’ll gain support in writing a purposeful memoir that also can become a legacy for your children and future generations.


We’re not meant to go through life, business, or personal challenges alone. The human being is a tribal creature, meant to gain from and to give help and support to others. By sharing your story with the world, you serve yourself, your readers and your Higher Power well.

Now, like you, I’m busy and I value my time.

So here’s how we would proceed if we decide to work together:

There is an application process where you will be asked to submit the following information:

 -— A description of your memoir idea and why you want to write it.

 -— A two or three paragraph bio mentioning your experience, professional background, education, family status, and personal interests.

-— A three or four page sample of your writing.

These submissions on your part will tell me how serious you are about taking your memoir idea to its highest level.

This is critical because — I’m sure you’ll agree — attitude and action are everything.

If I see from your submissions that you’re serious about writing your memoir we’ll make an appointment for a Discovery Call to talk about where you are currently with your memoir idea.

During the Discovery Call, you and I will get to know each other better so that together we can decide if we’re a good “fit” … if we feel we can work together for twenty weeks and achieve our mutual goal to see your memoir ready for publication.

If we decide to go forward together … that’s when the real work will begin!

For twenty weeks I’ll require you to commit to at least 5 hours a week of work on your memoir.

I’ll be sending you videos and pdfs of information that will help you at whatever stage you are in writing your memoir. These tools will be based on your specific needs along the way.

Every week we’ll have a 40-minute phone consultation to discuss your progress … your writing “blocks” …  and any challenges that may come up for you.

Before these phone meetings you’ll be able to send me current pages of your writing, I’ll review them, and together we will be able to identify and outline next steps.

You’ll have full email access to me, where you can submit specific questions and get personalized answers.

When the first draft of your memoir is complete, I’ll provide both a full content edit and a line edit, plus a written review.

In the seventeenth week, we’ll have a
conversation about your publishing options and determine the path that’s right for you.

Your memoir can make a difference in the world!

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Memoir to Legacy is the must-attend program for you if you want to organize your memoir idea, leverage your time, and get your book written so you can help others gain and learn from your experience.

If you are struggling with the desire to share your life experience with others and don’t have a clue where to begin ... then Memoir to Legacy is for you.

If deep down the idea of writing a whole book has you completely overwhelmed and your calendar is maxed...then Memoir to Legacy is perfect for you.

If you’re burning to write a memoir about your personal experience, but fearful of how others — usually family and/or friends — will react ... then Memoir to Legacy is perfect for you.

Dear Aspiring Memoir Writer,

If you've been thinking about writing a memoir ... or you have already written a few stories and want to take your book to the next level ... then you've come to the right place.

From your unique experience, you have gained specialized knowledge that is of great value to others.

You’ve achieved business success and along the way you’ve overcome amazing challenges and you’d like to write about it, but the idea is daunting.

Your day is already devoted to your job or business, perhaps a spouse and children you dearly love, plus a myriad of daily distractions.

You don’t have time to take a college course, join writing groups, learn new software programs and attend yet another writers conference.

Quite frankly, you have more money than time.

And in the back of your mind is a story you’ve always dreamed to write. Maybe it’s even made its way to your “To-Do” list.

You know that people are always looking for ways to improve, change, or otherwise enhance their lives … and they often look to memoirs for ideas … and your story could really help them.

I know you may not be aware of this, but you hold the key to someone else’s enlightenment. You hold the key to their understanding of how to deal with and overcome similar challenges in their life.

On the other hand, your story may be about an inspiring travel adventure that you’re compelled to share. Someone is eager to read it because they are curious and know they may never be able to go there, or they have been there and want to know your take on the experience.

You desire …

-— To share learned lessons, challenge overcome, or great adventure

-— To write your story well, in an enlightening and entertaining way

-— Information on writing dialogue, scene structure, and character development when you need it

-— Someone you can rely on to give you feedback and encouragement so you know you’re on the right track and not wasting time.

-— A proven way to find the time to write your memoir

-— To have the satisfaction of knowing your manuscript has been professionally edited

And most of all …

-— To see your memoir successfully published.

The problem is …

You’ve been thinking about writing your memoir for a long time. You’re thinking, “Someday I’ll get to it.” You don’t have an organized plan to work it into your busy schedule right now.

Maybe you …

-— Have written a few notes, or even a beginning chapter and then stopped?

-— Are secretly worried about what your family and friends will think if you tell the truth?

-— Are thinking lots of other people out there have gone through what you have ... a dysfunctional childhood, a messy divorce, a tragic loss, a spiritual awakening ... so no one would be interested in your experience?

-— Are thinking that it takes years to write a book and you just don’t have the time right now?

-— Are thinking you don’t have the creative talent to write a book?

-— Or, have absolutely no idea how to get started?

Unless you’re writing your memoir about a travel experience or your adventure living abroad in the Peace Corps, it’s normal to worry about what others will think “when I reveal the truth.”

So yes, you could follow my history and do this the slow way ... using trial and error … joining critique groups … attending writing conferences … spending a lot of money on information only to discover it doesn’t apply to what you’re writing … wasting time feeling overwhelmed by a seemingly impossible task … or use my Memoir to Legacy, The 150-day Master Mentorship Program.

Trust yourself. You’ve experienced something that others are eager to learn from. You can’t keep this desire to release inside of you forever.
The world is waiting.

I’m here to help undiscovered authors, just like you, write books that serve their readers —

— who are interested in compelling, true stories
— who want to learn from the experience of others
— who are desperately seeking input on life challenges

Certainly when I was a young woman I never thought I’d ever write a memoir.

I was raised to be a good wife and mother. I always saw myself as a “late bloomer.” I didn’t get my B.A. until I was 45!

After an early divorce, I sort of job-hopped ... not holding a job for more than 3 years before getting bored and attracted to the next opportunity. In fact, I gave a lecture once at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on “How I Job-Hopped My Way to Success.”

But each job — Telephone company representative, graphic designer, radio salesperson, marketing executive, education outreach instructor, communications director, grant writer, entrepreneur, even Playboy Bunny — was a learning experience in both business and life.

After a “mature-age” stint in the Peace Corps, I decided I wanted to write novels. When I jump into something, boy do I dive in full-force. I’ve always been a book, tape, and seminar junkie. I studied everything about writing and publishing that I could get my hands on. After publishing 4 books I was finally ready to finish that memoir I began so many years earlier.

From the experience of writing and publishing novels I learned some very basic writing and story-telling principles. These principles took me from a drawer full of cassettes and notes tapped into an old computer document to a published memoir in one year.

It’s not unusual to have misgivings about writing a memoir, especially if it is deeply personal and revealing.

My client, Carmen, who is writing about her bizarre childhood, worries about how her mother will respond.

My client, Mila, who published her story of growing up in Amsterdam in a dysfunctional family, writes, “My mother doesn’t care, one sister is okay with it, and the other one no longer speaks to me.”

My client, Cathryn, fearing for her life at the hands of an international drug cartel, has decided to write her story as a third-person fiction, changing the names of all people and places, and publishing under a pseudonym.

My client, Jeff, had no idea where to begin to write his story of how his son, diagnosed with schizophrenia, shot himself. 

Because this is a hands-on, in-depth commitment on both our parts, I only work with a limited number of clients at a time.

Right now, I have just a few openings for new clients, and I’d be thrilled if you were one of them.

And, hey, there’s even more you’ll receive from me.

Applicants who send their submission materials now, who know they are dedicated, and meet my client guidelines, will get the first acceptances.

So gather your materials and submit them now here:

Book a Call with Carolyn V. Hamilton, Success Coach for Memoir Writers

Here’s what people say about their experience working with me:

“Your professionalism, ideas and willingness to make that extra effort really made a difference.”Joseph Buckman

“Since our last call, I’ve been motivated to write every day,” Kathryn McCullock

“Without your encouragement and resources, I’d never have finished my book.” Christine Collins

“Carolyn helped me structure my story and focus my writing in an effective way that I never would have imagined.” Lana Shreiber

“You have put a lot of time, effort and talent into this book, and it means everything to me.” Jeff Wayne

“You know your craft!” Evelyn Campbell-Coello

What will Memoir to Legacy cost me?

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You can stop worrying and stressing today!

Book a call with Carolyn V. Hamilton, Success Coach for Memoir Writers

If we do decide to go forward to work together, I’ve got some special bonuses for you.

I’ve interviewed several successful memoir authors who will share with you the challenges they faced and how writing their memoir has changed their life.

Their stories are insightful, compelling, and inspiring.

In their stories you’ll find the confidence to continue forward … and persevere … and succeed!

Memoir to Legacy! The 150-DAY Master Mentorship Program that will take your memoir from just an idea to a professional manuscript ready to publish.

Discover leading edge strategies to organize your memoir idea, leverage your time, and get your book written so others can gain and learn from your experience.

You have a story to tell, and you want to tell it with passion and power and integrity. And I want that for you too.

So, my writing friend, take a deep Yoga breath and relax -— you don’t have to put your dream of writing and publishing your memoir on hold or give up!

We’ll also talk about the marketing options that are available to get your book in front of the people who will benefit most and want to read your story.

I promise you this will be a fun and exciting experience … there will be ups and downs … and most likely points along the way where we’ll both laugh and cry … but together we’ll get the job done.

I’m Carolyn V. Hamilton, and I’ve been where you are — it took me 38 years to finish writing and get my memoir published!

Book a call with Carolyn V. Hamilton, Success Coach for Memoir Writers

Why should you apply now for Memoir to Legacy?

Right now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: besides some time, what is the Memoir to Legacy program and individually-designed writing coaching going to cost me?

You are smart enough to know that personal coaching in any area comes with a financial investment … that’s right … you are going to be asked to make an investment in yourself.

Like any important achievement, this investment is not going to be cheap or void of value. You deserve the very best support … support that is custom-designed for your specific needs … and this will call for both a significant time and financial commitment on your part. It will also help to hold you accountable to stay committed to do the work with me.

We’ll discuss all of this in detail in our Discovery Call. I’ll answer all your questions and together we’ll determine what’s right for you, if you and I are a good, creative working fit, and if we want to go forward with this working relationship.

And, if not, if this just isn’t the right fit… either way at the end of the Discovery Call it will be okay and you will still take away some useful memoir writing ideas.