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Improv Comedy For Creative Writers
Tuesday, May 30 – 
1 p.m. – 5 p.m.


– includes coffee, tea, cookies, or a glass of wine or sangria to fuel your creative juices!

on Calle Esmeraldas y Galapagos 

(near The Totems)


Improv Comedy For Creative Writers -   
Hone your creative writing skills with fun improv exercises focusing on the art of story creation! 

During this active four-hour class you'll explore

    - the 7 step story structure,

    - the 5 basic rules of improv comedy,

    - what never to do in improv comedy,

    - how to create comedy lines in your writing,

    - how to turn cliches into funny lines,

    - how to write a strong punch line, &

​    - play improv comedy games!

We are going to have fun, fun, fun!