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The Art of Color Theory

& Color Mixing 

Tuesday, May 23 – 
1 p.m. – 4 p.m.


– includes watercolor paper, tea, coffee & snacks!

on Calle Esmeraldas y Galapagos 

(near The Totems)


The Art of Color Theory & Color Mixing  
Through watercolor mixing exercises, you’ll learn to use a minimum of colors for the maximum effect. 

In this four-hour watercolor class you'll explore

    - different hues and values,

    - what makes a color warm or cool,

    - how to combine colors for powerful effects,

    - color theory & meaning, &

    - creating winning color palettes .

You’ll bring your watercolor paints and brushes; watercolor paper will be provided...and did I mention tea and coffee & snacks?

You'll also want to bring a pencil, eraser, ruler and a roll of masking table.

We are going to have fun, fun, fun!