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About Me

Just like you, I was once an Aspiring Memoir Writer. 

It was a lengthy, expensive, time-consuming journey to the publication of my memoir,
Coming to Las Vegas.

38 years, to be exact!

Certainly when I was a young woman I never thought I’d ever write a memoir.

I was raised to be a good wife and mother. I always saw myself as a “late bloomer.” I didn’t get my B.A. until I was 45!

After an early divorce, I sort of job-hopped ... not holding a job for more than 3 years before getting bored and attracted to the next opportunity. In fact, I gave a lecture once at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on “How I Job-Hopped My Way to Success.”

But each job — Telephone company representative, graphic designer, radio salesperson, marketing executive, education outreach instructor, communications director, grant writer, entrepreneur, cocktail waitress — was a learning experience in both business and life.

After a “mature-age” stint in the Peace Corps, I decided I wanted to write novels. When I jump into something, I’ve always been a book, tape, and seminar junkie. I studied everything about writing and publishing that I could get my hands on. After publishing 4 books I was finally ready to finish that memoir I began so many years earlier.

From the experience of writing and publishing novels I learned some very basic writing and story-telling principles. These principles took me from a drawer full of cassettes and notes tapped into an old computer document to a published memoir in one year.


I started my career as an illustrator and graphic designer, interrupted that with some travel, some moves, some stints as a Playboy Bunny and cocktail waitress, and later went into the world of "Mad Men" (advertising).

There I got to learn all about print, radio, television and video production, direct response advertising and corporate and marketing copywriting.

I spent a couple of years in radio sales and then went on to become a principal in a successful Las Vegas advertising agency and later created Graphic Communications, specializing in print and direct response advertising.

After my years as the designer and founding editor of the regional magazine, Nevada Woman, I became a free-lance journalist writing about travel, business, celebrities and current topics of interest in the news.

At writing conferences and conventions I've presented writing workshops, most recently at the Cuenca International Writers Conference in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Now, from my home in Cuenca way up in the Andes, I challenge women to find their true creative soul and express it through writing, painting, art journaling, living the expat life and exploring yourself after age 50.

That's how I came to develop Memoir to Legacy! A 150-day Master Mentorship Program.

My passion is to help aspiring memoir writers share their stories of adventure, adversity, personal challenges, trauma and redemption.

If you'd like to learn more about the program,

Memoir to Legacy! A 150-day Master Mentorship Program, CLICK HERE

And...oh's true that I was once Playboy's
Bunny Paige.